About the Welfare Council in Agder

The Welfare Council in Agder 

is a body for all students in the Student Welfare Organisation in Agder’s (SiA) member institutions; University of Agder, NLA University College, Fagskolen i Agder, Ansgar University College and Noroff.

The Welfare Council works for your welfare rights as a student in Agder. They elect student representatives for the board of SiA and SiA Culture Fund. The Welfare Council distribute social funds supporting student activities and is in many cases an advisory body for the board of SiA.

Executive committee 19/20:


Anna Synnøve Røysland, University of  Agder

Phone number: +47 95005061

E-mail: leder@vt-agder.no

Political vice-chair:

Thomas Johnsen, University of  Agder

Phone number: +47 46639125

E-mail: politisk@vt-agder.no

Organisational vice-chair

Michelle Brynildsen, University of Agder

Phone number: +47 46426512

E-mail: organisatorisk@vt-agder.no


The consultant of the Welfare Council is employed in the Student Welfare Organisation in Agder and acts as a link between the member institutions of SiA.

The consultant can be reached through E-mail : konsulent@vt-agder.no, or by phone : 38142186.