Action plan for the Welfare Council in Agder 2019/20

The action plan is the organisation’s guide for how work in the upcoming term should be prioritised. It concerns the political work of the organisation and organisational goals internally. The document refers to current and important cases in the period, in line with the political target document and internal processes in the organisation.

The action plan provides guidelines for what the Welfare Council shall prioritise but does not restrict what they can do.

In general

  • Have a good dialogue with SiA’s departments, the municipality and the county municipality.
  • Promote information about SiA’s services.
  • Cooperate with Welfare Councils of Norway on national campaigns and statements.
  • Prepare an organisational chart
  • Follow-up on the building of the welfare centre
  • Contribute to vocational schools and university colleges establishing student societies.
  • Improve the website, among other things by translating it into English.


  • Cooperate with SiA’s canteens on healthy, varied and affordable food.
  • Cooperate with SiA’s new coordinator of public health.
  • Arrange a wide selection of physical student activities and secure high standards on offers of exercise.


  • Support and influence the development of LundSiA, in addition to being a driving force for developing more student housing.
  • Investigate the opportunities of establishing an exercise offer at LundSiA


  • Promote election of the Welfare Council through stands, online campaigns and screens in the canteen.
  • Fill empty positions.
  • Work for at least two institutions being represented in all committees, including the Executive Committee.
  • Assess the possibility of building a student cabin.
  • Assess the opportunity of establishing a student house open to all students


  • Follow-up on StudentUga, an arrangement of cultural events
  • Establish a collaboration with the Theatre.


  • Work for a cheaper and better public transportation offer and carry out meetings with AKT, the current provider of public transport in Agder.
  • Improve the night bus offer
  • Work for a good offer of city bicycles.

Semester tuition

  • The Welfare Council shall make sure the distribution of social funds supporting student activities takes place in a correct and fair way.
  • The Welfare Council shall maintain a good dialogue with SiA regarding the spending of leftover funds from the semester fee.
  • Hold course for applicants.