Description of position for political vice-chair

The political vice-chair is elected into a paid position. This is a 19.18 % position (7.2 hours per week) and is paid under the state’s pay grade 25. The position follows the regular public holidays, and also five weeks of vacation.

Overtime is compensated for with lieu days in consultation with the Executive Committee.  

Area of responsibility 

The political vice-chair is the chairman’s deputy. The vice-chair will take on the chairman-role and be paid as a chairman if the chairman resigns or is on sick leave during the term of office.

The Political Vice-chair is, together with the chairman, responsible for being in contact with the local politicians and local economic life, and must thereof put the students’ interests on the agenda. 

The political vice-chair is, together with the chairman, responsible for being in contact with SiA, and following up on the welfare services related to the student union. 

The political vice-chair is responsible for following up on the kindergarten and health services, and also transportation in collaboration with the organizational vice-chair.

The political vice-chair is responsible for gathering updated information about current political cases for the Welfare Council. The vice-chair must inform the Executive Committee and the Welfare Council about this. 

The political vice-chair must, together with the organizational vice-chair, make sure that the Welfare Council is promoted on stands at the affiliated institutions. 

The political vice-chair must follow up on their responsibilities related to the action plan given by the Welfare Council and distributed by the Executive Committee in the work plan.