Guidelines for the Distribution Committee (DC)

The Distribution Committee will have members from at least two of the places of education. DC chooses within the group a leader from one of the members chosen by the Welfare Council. DC should mostly consist of students that are not already representatives in VT. The secretariat of the VT has compulsory attendance in the DC.


DC are approved for decisions if all representatives are called in at the latest a week before the meeting, and at least 2 of all the places of education are represented and at least 50% of the members are there. The leader of the DC calls in to meetings in cooperation with the secretariat.

Control function

DC will outside of the application periods ensure that activities that receive assets from the VT follow the guidelines for the student social funds and follow good accounting practice. DC will only perform tests of budgets and accounting at activities that do not receive assets from VT.


DC has confidentiality in cases and information they receive through their referrals. DC will at the end of each semester submit a short report to the VT.


If there are serious wrongs or faults at an activity’s accounting, a sanction can be made. DC can, if needed, ask that wrongs and faults are corrected for a later control. If a later control is not made, wrongs and faults shall be reported to the Executive Committee. The EC will look at the wrongs and faults reported in cooperation with the secretariat. If needed, the case is presented to the VT.

The EC’s report shall also be sent to the student activity in question. The student activity has a right of statement to the VT.

Decisions made by the VT are final and cannot be sanctioned. Sanctions are made by the VT and are graded from the following two categories:

Wrongs and bad accounting

If an activity cannot show better accounting after being probed, or if there’s a lack of bills, the VT can refuse to give the activity assets the next semester. If there’s a lack of bills from purchases made with assets given from the VT, the VT can demand that the amount be repaid in full.

Suspicion of embezzlement or guideline violation for the student social funds

If there’s a suspicion of embezzlement or severe violations of the guidelines for the student social funds, VT can start an application quarantine of two semesters. The EC suggests quarantine dependant on the violation. The quarantine can involve both assets and investment funds.