Guidelines for the Election Committee (EC)


The Election Committee is chosen by the Welfare Council and consists of representatives from at least two member institutions and has a maximum of five people. The upper student democracies on each place of education is responsible to promote candidates from their own place of education.


  1. The Election Committee will recruit candidates for the referrals mentioned in §1 The Scope of Election Rules for the Welfare Council in Agder.
  2. The Election Committee will interview the candidates and in other ways get the best possible knowledge to make a decision. The EC’s decision, complete list of candidates and a short presentation of all candidates will be presented in written form by the start of the election. If there’s a tie, both will be presented. The candidates will be presented on an equal basis as possible.
  3. The Election Committee will clarify their work for the election assembly.
  4. The Election Committee will recruit new candidates when representatives back down before the end of the period. The EC will then decide on new candidates and present these for the Welfare Council who chooses new candidates. See §2.9 Supplementary Elections in the Election Rules for The Welfare Council in Agder.