International students

We believe that international students enrich academia. Today, SiA has residential warranty as well as collectively safeguarding the free policy. However, international students are still an exposed group in our society.

International students enrich the study quality and everyday life of Norwegian students. Research environments in Norway aren’t particularly large and are dependant on international competence to grow. By keeping the free policy we will be able to get the best students from across the globe despite income or fortune. Studies also show that having international students results in incomes as well as qualitative profits.

It is difficult enough as a Norwegian student finding housing in Agder. International students don’t have access to the same information networking as Norwegians, both because of language and social networks. SiA’s priorities are central for international students to have a safe study experience in Agder. 

Internationalization in academia must not be regarded solely as the mass of students wanting to study at one of our institutions of education. An important counterpart is the enrichment we create by sending our own students to institutions of education in other countries. The quality of the competence and the experience we offer should therefore mirror one’s own wish for our traveling students.

How we can contribute

  • Actively engage in the public debate and ensure that the principles are correct
  • Follow up on measures that contribute to integration and a better student life for international students
  • Work on making sure international students won’t be an isolated group during their stay
  • The Welfare Council wants to start a dialogue with SiA to have a look at the possibility of spreading the international and Norwegian students at the student housings. This is so there won’t be a build-up of exchange students in one single area.
  • Present offers where exchange students participate to Norwegian students
  • Strengthen services and arrangements that are already working on integration and activation of international students