Job description Organization Consultant

Employment conditions

The Organization Consultant works as a consultant for the Welfare Council in Agder (VT), the Distribution Committee (DC) and the Executive Committee (EC). The Organization Consultant belongs to the Welfare Council in Agder and is employed full-time at 100% (37.5 hours per week) at the Student Organization in Agder. The job follows normal days off and holidays, along with 5 weeks of vacation time.

Overtime is compensated with time off, in consultation with the leader. The consultant’s closest superior is the leader of the VT. The consultant cannot have other referrals in VT or VT’s member institutions.

Other conditions are regulated within the contract.

Responsibilities and work tasks

The consultant has, along with the EC, full responsibility for operations of VT and staffing of VT’s offices.

The consultant is VT’s main contact for representatives in VT, VT’s elections, student activities, students and others. They are also responsible for coordinating this information.

The consultant is responsible for following up on VT’s finances.

The consultant will stay up to date on laws and regulations related to VT’s business, and actively work on ensuring these rules are always followed. This also goes for VT’s statues and guidelines for appointments of the student social funds.

The consultant will ensure that all member institutions receives training in VT every fall semester and have the main responsibility for following up and training student representatives.

The consultant will be the facilitator and referent for the representatives in DC in their work. Because of this the consultant is responsible for work that may come before or after meetings in the DC. This includes receiving and systematization of applications and statements, publishing of decisions and follow up on payments of operations and investment assets. In addition, the consultant will, together with DC, do running control work after DC’s mandate.

The consultant is responsible for making suggestions for hearing statements, press statements and assessments and other written work for the VT in cooperation with the EC.

The consultant is the technical organizer of meetings, conferences and other events in VT.

The consultant is the secretary for meetings in EC, DC and VT.

The consultant is the administrator for VT’s webpage and social media.

The consultant is responsible for the design of digital solutions for VT.

The consultant has along with the director responsibility of the design of profiling material for VT.

The consultant is responsible for Health, Environment and Safety at VT’s offices.

Edited 30th of January 2018