Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee is elected by the Welfare Council and consists of at least five representatives, representing at least two institutions. The supreme student democracies from each member institution has the responsibility of promoting candidature from their own institution. Members of the Nomination Committee do not have voting rights in election issues in Welfare Council.

The Nomination Committee shall recruit candidates for the SiA Board and Sia Culture Fund, the Allocation Committee and the Nomination Committee. Recommendations along with a list of candidates and short presentations shall be presented in writing at the beginning of the election meeting. Should representatives choose to resign before their end of term, the Nomination Committee will recruit new representatives. Recommendations for new candidates are presented to the Welfare Council which will elect the new representatives. The Nomination Committee must account for their work regarding the election meeting and supply an evaluation to the Welfare Council by the Secretariat. 

The Nomination Committee has two members as of today:

Hilde Malmin, UiA

Kathrine Haugland, UiA