The platform states the fundamental principles of the organisation. The platform is the superior political document of the Welfare Council in Agder.

Profiling and information

Information about welfare services should be easily accessible for all students affiliated with the Student Welfare Organisation in Agder (SiA). In order to meet the diversity of students in Agder, information regarding student’s welfare services and things otherwise relevant for students shall be accessible in both Norwegian and English. This further requests that the websites of SiA and the Welfare Council are universally constructed. SiA and the Welfare Council shall actively profile welfare services and their services for students on all educational institutions affiliated with the organisation. The opportunity to apply for funds through the Allocation Committee shall be included here and emphasised with pertaining claims and guidelines.

Cooperation between the Welfare Council and SiA

An efficient cooperation between the Welfare Council in Agder and the Student Welfare Organisation in Agder is fundamental for securing students’ involvement in the life around studies. One of the ambitions should be a mainly democratic control over what the semester fee is used for.


Good mental and physical health in students are fundamental requirements for studying. SiA will therefore offer low-threshold services that secures this in both prevention and treatment. We believe that municipalities and county municipalities should have the responsibility for financing health services. Services shall be run by SiA and function as a supplement to the public services.


Student housing is an important educational and political factor that contributes to equal rights to education and shall be a priority area locally as well as nationally. SiA and the Welfare Council will work with local authorities to secure that there is enough student housing relative to the number of students in Agder. Coverage in Agder should be at least 20%. Housing offered to students shall meet the requirements of a student on both price and quality. All new student housings that are being built shall be built with sustainable materials and be energy efficient.

Food and beverage

SiA’s cafés and canteens shall have an offer covering the primary need for meals for students throughout the day. There shall be arrangements for allergies, religious beliefs and vegan alternatives at all campuses. Quality, health and sustainability shall be emphasised at all stages. At institutions/campuses where it is not profitable for students with own SiA cafés, this shall be arranged for by a similar offer of deals through SiA’s initiative.


Arranging for good exercise and sport offers for all students is an important health promoting initiative and also creates a social arena for students. SiA is responsible for creating arenas where exercise and sports are promoted and arranged for in student life. County municipality and municipality shall provide sufficient access to exercise facilities in order to secure students’ needs and wishes. Organised student sport is an important supplement in addition to SiA’s offers towards the mental and physical health of students and shall be arranged for in line with this.

Public transportation and commute

All students in Agder shall have a good offer of public transportation, regardless of age, and where they live or study. County municipalities are responsible for all students being able to benefit from a wide public transportation offer with well reduced prices, including during nights and weekends. Student offers concerning the individual student shall be stable and long-term as opposed to temporary. Included under public transportation are also city bikes and other eco-friendly initiatives that will benefit the students in several ways. In addition to public transport it is also important to look at the use of private vehicles and parking space. The Welfare Council will look at good solutions for parking in regards to area efficiency and sustainability. SiA shall, in cooperation with the Welfare Council secure that student needs are conveyed through good dialogue with the county municipality and operators within public transport.

Financing of studies

The principle of free education is one of the fundamental principles within Norwegian higher education. Student finance needs to reflect the actual expenses of students in order to give everyone the opportunity of higher education. Students are a diverse group with different needs, and student finance must be adjusted so that everyone gets the opportunity to be full-time students. While work beside studies might be positive, it should be based on students wanting to work, rather than being forced to through a difficult economic situation. Student finance shall be fixed on 1.5 times the base rate of the national insurance.

Culture and volunteering

Student culture is an important factor for well-being in student life, and an addition to what we acquire of skills and knowledge through our studies. It is thus important that the Welfare Council, the municipalities, county municipalities and SiA arrange for and supports general cultural activities, and especially student culture. The Welfare Council is interested in arranging for social and cultural arenas where students can meet. All cultural events by SiA will offer student discounts in order to secure student involvement in cultural activities in the region. Additionally, work will be done to make other cultural activities happening in society available for students through student discounts. Students are not to be viewed as mere spectators in cultural activities, as they might also be participants and should then be held responsible when required. The Welfare Council will work with SiA in solving any difficulties regarding student volunteering.


Students are a diverse group with different needs. The Welfare Council, SiA, educational institutions, the municipality and county municipality shall arrange for diversity through today’s offers and establishment of new offers. This concerns particularly offers regarding health, housing, counselling and exercise, but also other offers concerning the individual student.