SiA board

The Student Welfare Organisation in Agder (SiA) is one of the most important contributors to student welfare on the southern coast of Norway. SiA has many roles. The organisation owns student housing in Grimstad and Kristiansand. SiA runs canteens on several educational institutions in Agder, and a gym in Kristiansand. SiA contributes directly to student welfare, for example through grants for student activities, healthcare refund and the offer of conversational therapy at SiA Health.

The SiA-board has the main responsibility for the development of SiA. By sitting on the SiA board, you will get both board training and exciting experience from an organisation with services that mean a lot to many. Among other things, the board voted to hire a psychologist as a part of the SiA Health team, and its own public health trainee in 2019.  Resource-intensive or important projects like the building of student housing are discussed in the board before being realised by SiA.

As chairman of the board in SiA you will receive great insight into the daily operations of SiA. Together with the CEO and the rest of the administration you will set the agenda for board meetings in SiA. You will also get the opportunity to participate in processes important for students through both local and national arenas in student politics. You will get experience as chairperson and the responsibility of ensuring that board meetings are productive and efficient. In short, an exciting position for those dedicated to the students on the southern coast of Norway.

The SiA board is elected at the election meeting in the autumn. Student representatives are elected for a calendar year. Four permanent and five deputy representatives are elected. The chairman of the SiA board is elected individually. On the board, students have the majority through the chairman’s casting vote in the case of a split vote. One of the student representatives elected sits for a period of two years. The position is paid.

The following student representatives sit in the SiA board for 2020:

Sofie Søndergaard Klit, UiA

Truls Rustad Christensen, Fagskolen i Agder

Fredrik Arntzen, UiA

Hilde Hagen, UiA (chairman)

Sondre Olsen, UiA

Deputy representatives are:

1.        Victor Immanuel Backe, UiA

2.        Marita Grønli Kårtvedt, UiA

3.        Sondre Maaseide, UiA

4.        Lars Magnus Halvorsen, UiA