The biggest challenge of our time is the climate and environment. SiA was certified as an eco-lighthouse in 2015 and has shown great enthusiasm in taking the environment seriously.

We believe that academia has a big societal responsibility as a pillar in the society, and therefore needs to contribute to strengthen Norway’s development in sustainability. We see no significant improvements or measures from SiA’s fellow places of education when it comes to sustainability.
For example, even though SiA focuses on recycling, the canteens do not prioritize it as much. This tendency shows that we need to strengthen the cooperation between SiA and the places they work with, so that being environmentally friendly doesn’t fall on deaf ears. SiA food and drink has focused largely on sustainability in areas within food and plastic usage in the canteens. Plastic items are being switched out, and the choice in food is focused more on sustainability and is being facilitated towards the student’s different needs. This shows that measures are being put in place, but they are happening slower than the students wish. Since SiA, Kristiansand municipality and Grimstad wants to be an attractive place for students, The Welfare Council should work closely with these instances to improve sustainability both for these instances, and for Agder as a whole. This requires a close cooperation with the different places of higher education.

• The Welfare Council (VT) needs to cooperate with SiA, the instances working with SiA, the municipality and the county to improve sustainability.
• VT shall work on making sorting stations easily available on all places of education.
• VT shall work for a cheap and attractive public transport offer in the cities of education.
• VT shall work on getting new city bikes for both host cities.
• VT shal work on making new SiA buildings as sustainable as possible.
• VT shall work on visibility for all measures of sustainability that are put in place, and the results of these.
• VT shall support measures that contribute to the UN’s sustainability goals.
• VT shall work on having meat-free days in the canteens.
• VT shall work on SiA renovating their student apartments in a sustainable way.