The Distribution Committee (DC)

The Welfare Council (VT) chooses six representatives for the DC every fall. The leader is decided within the committee. The upper student democracies from each member is responsible for pushing their candidates to VT’s election committee. DC should mostly consist of students not already members of the Welfare Council. Members of DC has no voting rights in distribution cases in VT. At least two of the members has to be represented for DC to be approved for decisions. DC’s real time follows the calendar year.

DC supervises and are involved in cases having to do with distribution of student social means for student organizations and activities. The deadline for applying is 5th of April for the fall semester and 5th of October for the spring semester. Both assets and investment funds are distributed following guidelines decided by the VT.

The Distribution Committee will outside of the application periods ensure that activities that have received assets from the Welfare Council follows the guidelines for the student social funds and follow good accounting practice. DC will do tests of the budget and accounting for the activities that has received assets from the VT.

The Distribution Committee currently has three members:
Svein-Thomas Tvedt, UiA
Jakob Mæland, UiA
Sondre Maaseide, UiA